Almost 40 years ago, Audre Lorde wrote of an “extraordinary point of choice. To refuse to participate in the shaping of our future,” Lorde wrote, “is to give it up … Each of us must find our work and do it.”

For three days in late September, the Whole30 community gathered to listen, learn, absorb, and discuss the crucial ideas that will shape our future in food, health, wellness.

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  • Practicing food and media ethics in our rapidly-changing world
  • Embodying social and racial justice in physical and digital spaces
  • Understanding equity, diversity and representation—not as buzzwords, but as practices that are critical to our future success and survival
  • Exploring the deep grief many of us have experienced in 2020, and understanding gratitude as a dimension of grief as well as an avenue to healing
  • And other topics that have been essential 2020 touch points

Community Cares Summit was a time to chart our way forward as a community, together—finding our work, and equipping ourselves to do it.

Didn’t attend? That’s okay. You can catch up on our Main Stage programming with this exclusive Replay.

For $34.99, you’ll have unlimited, 90-day access to 14 hours of panels, demonstrations and keynotes from serial social entrepreneurs Nicole Cardoza and Lily Diamond; teachers Rachel Ricketts and Sah D’Simone; industry leaders Dr. Will Cole and Maya Feller; Whole30’s own Melissa Urban and twenty-seven other visionaries, creatives, and facilitators. Please note, your Summit Replay access ends 90 days from the date of the original purchase.

You’ll also benefit from live cooking demos from The Last Supper Society and Mark Brand, and participate in meditation and intention setting sessions with Katie Horwitch, Siedeh Foxie, ché f.m. and more. These wind down sessions are intentional opportunities to integrate Summit material into your life and daily practices, allowing you to absorb and put into action the concepts that feel most essential to you.

Our intention with Summit was to help you discover your work … and do it. So that our Whole30 community might be a conduit for the change and evolution our digital food and wellness industry needs.


Opening Night Kick-Off

Enjoy a live cooking session with The Last Supper Society


A panel of industry experts engaging in inter-industry accountability (food meets health + wellness) moderated by LK Whitney and Nader Khouri; Feat. Amber Phillips, Jillian Knox, Maisha Davis, Melissa Urban, Mike Salguero, Nicole Cardoza, Sah D’Simone


Join Janae Williams, creative co-director and lead organizer of the DC-based, Black Femme Brunch, for reading and quiet interior interrogation.

Thursday Afternoon:
On Grief and Gratitude

Meditate with ché f.m., then explore Grief & Gratitude with Alica Forneret, James Harris, Lily Diamond, Rachel Ricketts, and Vivian Nunez. Finally, wind down with Dora Kamau, releasing and restoring with mental health visionary, self-care advocate, and the founder of Bliss Your Heart.

Thursday Evening:
Families Forward

Moderated by Shanna D. Keller, and featuring Melissa Urban, Maya Feller, Dr. Carrie Kholi-Murchison, and Dr. Peniel Joseph, this panel focuses on the intersection of family and food. Then, wind down with somatic therapist Elizabeth McGrath.

Friday Afternoon:
8 Lessons in Love + Legacy/ Harnessing Positivity

A collaborative virtual keynote and live cooking session with social impact entrepreneurs, Holley M. Kholi-Murchison and Mark Brand. Then, learn to ride the wave of emotions with writer and fitness expert, Katie Horwitch, of Women Against Negative Talk.

Friday Evening:
Decolonizing the Kitchen

Learn about culture in the kitchen with Whole30 Special Projects Consultants, Abeer Najjar, Josmine Evans, and Redwood Hill, Moderated by Dr. Carrie Kholi-Murchison. Then, wind down with body autonomy advocate and certified pilates instructor Rachel Reis.

Closing Keynote: Owning Our Food Futures & A Community Q+A with Melissa Urban

A panel about the future of food, moderated by Abeer Najjar and featuring Dr. Will Cole, Stephanie Greunke, Charlyn Griffith-Oro, and Diana Rogers.


Discover the future of Whole30 with Whole30 Co-founder and CEO, Melissa Urban, as she answers community questions.


Then, take a final communal breath with Siedeh Foxie, an intuitive practicing shamanic healing through ancient traditions.

BONUS: Train & Chat with Laila Ali

Enjoy a boxing training session and fireside chat with professional athlete, serial entrepreneur, and Whole30 Approved partner Laila Ali.


14 hours of panels, demonstrations and keynotes

Please note, Summit Replay access ends 90 days after the original date of purchase.